Growing an environmentally focused culture within one design fleets

The Clean Class initiative recognizes entire classes of boats whose members are committed to protecting our oceans and waterways. By relying on the Clean Regattas framework and utilizing class structure and internal communications, Clean Classes move beyond individual event-level decision making to incorporating sustainability efforts into regular class operations. 

Becoming a Clean Class creates consistent expectations for all participants and provides resources for organizers and class leadership when addressing sustainability challenges.  

How to Get Involved 

Clean Class certification is an annual process and is based on participation in the Clean Regattas program. Success will look different for every class, and we look forward to working with you to determine the best course of action for your class. 

Join us: 

   1. Download the Clean Class Guidebook 

   2. Contact Program Manager, Emily Conklin

   3. Register your events as Clean Regattas 

The Clean Class initiative was developed and piloted with the Thistle Class, whose dedicated leadership and volunteers worked together to determine necessary steps to scale up the sustainability success of individual regattas. 

Current Clean Classes