Behind every Clean Regatta certification there is a dedicated team paying attention to important details. Meet the sustainability heroes of Clean Regattas and learn how they protect the waters they love!

Boat Show
A Potential Showcase for Sustainability
Not all Clean Regattas are regattas! While boat shows might not immediately come to mind when you think about Clean Regattas, our program is designed to enhance sustainability for any event near water. In recent years, we’ve collaborated with events like the USVI Charter Yacht Show, the Annapolis Sailboat Show, and the Newport International Boat […]
Race Week
49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 World Championships
Diverting Waste and Bringing The Community Together Go Hand in Hand in the Land Down Under Royal Akarana Yacht Club, Auckland, New Zealand With a dedicated Green Team and a solid sustainability plan, the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 World Championships held at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club in Auckland, New Zealand achieved Platinum Level […]
Collegiate Regatta
Baker Trophy
Hosted by Chicago Yacht Club, May 23 – 24 Considered the “Super Bowl” for high school sailors who team race, the Baker Trophy brings teams from around the country for a weekend of highly competitive sailing. Chicago Yacht Club, who hosted the event this year, decided to up the competitiveness of this event by shooting […]
Race Week
BVI Spring Regatta
Reducing the environmental footprint left from hosting a week-long regatta is not a new goal for the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival. For the last decade, they have partnered with Sailors for the Sea to bring innovation to other Caribbean regattas. Their motto has always been “recycle, reuse, repurpose.” Living in a territory of […]
Junior Regatta
Marblehead Junior Race Week
Marblehead Junior Race Week at Pleon Yacht Club is a perfect example of a junior regatta going completely right. There are a number of advantages and opportunities when running a Clean Regatta at a youth event. This is how Pleon Yacht Club met the challenges of running a Clean Regatta in an effective and elegant […]
Junior Regatta
Youth Sailing World Championships
Junior regattas come in all shapes and sizes. From a Clean Regattas perspective, they run the gamut between being very well organized to “disorganized but well-intentioned.” The Corpus Christi Youth Sailing World Championships held in July 2018 definitely fits into the former category and was able to make sustainability such a priority that we awarded […]
Annual Regatta
Vineyard Cup
If you want to be part of the race, you have to play by the rules. Described as a “locally-sourced, zero waste event,” the Vineyard Cup is more than just a big deal on a small island; their influence extends to regattas around the country. There are a few core components that we see over […]
Race Week
Nantucket Race Week
Nantucket Race Week is a 10 day event with over 3,000 participating sailors in a range of different boat classes. NRW has been participating in Clean Regattas since 2009. In 2010, the regatta went Gold with several events throughout the week. Read on for a description of how Nantucket Race Week reduced their impact of […]
Offshore Regatta
The Atlantic Cup
The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing was created in 2010 with a focus on reducing it’s environmental impact. The regatta has participated in Clean Regattas all four years it has been run, and has achieved Platinum Level Certification twice. The 2014 Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing featured all this and more. […]