Formula Wave

Photo by Formula Wave Class

The Formula Wave Class prioritizes sustainability because, as sailors, not only do they love oceans, lakes, and beaches, but they also need them in order to grow and enjoy the sport of sailing. Due to this necessary relationship to the water, Formula Wave is dedicated to protecting these environments as part of the Clean Class Initiative. By implementing sustainability initiatives at their events, Formula Wave members are taking care of the waters they compete on and restoring the health of these ecosystems for future generations.


Formula Wave is a one-design racing class dedicated to the Hobie Wave. Since 2018, membership has grown, and the class has shifted from the mindset of the Hobie Wave being a fun resort boat to a competitive racing boat. Their regional regatta format helps ensure that each competition will be well attended with quality starts and racing over three days. The Formula Wave Class is proud to have joined the Clean Class Initiative after its official launch in 2023, committing to being leaders in the sailing community and making sustainability of lakes, oceans, and beaches a priority.

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