19. Prevent Toxins from Entering the Water


Boaters should be aware of what type of pollutants, including oil and fuel, detergents, sewage and toxic chemicals, could end up in the water and try to prevent or reduce the impact of those pollutants. Some of the most commonly used products on boats, such as sunscreen and cleaning solutions, contain chemicals that are dangerous to our waterways. Sunscreen can contain harmful ingredients, such as oxybenzone, which negatively impacts coral reefs and the marine environment. Coastal communities around the world, such as the USVI, Bonaire, Palau, Hawaii, Florida and parts of Mexico, have started to enact legislation to regulate chemicals in sunscreens.

Reducing the amount of detergent, soap or bleach entering your waterways also helps keep your waters free of unnecessary nutrients such as phosphate and nitrates. These same phosphates found in many boat soaps can be found in sewage, urban and agricultural runoff. Phosphates promote plant and algae growth that can be harmful, as they deplete oxygen in the water needed by other organisms.


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